Hidde Lines(2020), Spencer Fung Francis Gallery

“I love to work with the elements I find around me.” —— Spencer Fung

Spencer Fung is fascinated by the interaction of space, light, surrounding structure and landscape. Because that the small or the grand existence in the living space all have their own strange qualities, so from seeds to roots, trees to forests, as well as the vast forms of mountains and rivers, they are all used in the form of lines by Spencer’s canvas and paintbrush. Deductions are presented one by one. This method establishes a deep personal connection between Spencer and the life landscape that inspired him, and the works also have a unique texture and poetry.

Looking for a glimpse in nature, calling out the perception that originated from life, became one of the elements that Francis Galley chose to collaborate with artists in this apartment-style gallery. In the space where the canvas and the still life are intertwined, people can move around and look at the flowing lines, everything is full of tranquility, and everything is full of tension. ANEST COLLECTIVE and the ensemble of this space, Spencer Fung and Liam Stevens, jointly reveal the possibility of more cooperation between art and life.

In a relatively repetitive life, every element can become an opportunity for artistic narration. Liam Stevens uses similar lines and grids to simulate what he sees daily. Screen, repeatedly, indifferent colors ,, but endless back and forth. Liam uses the form of repetition and clustering to imply a rhythm, which he calls "a rhythm that exists in the subconscious but is difficult to perceive”.

ANEST COLLECTIVE has an elegant and precise classic aesthetic. The aesthetic causes of aesthetic branches and leaves share similar aesthetic forms with Spencer Fung and Laim Stevens. And Francis Gallery space to let each other not only in the gallery, but also the exchange of simulation in people's daily life scenes. The same inspiration and the same direction have chosen different expressions.

The similar aesthetic insights are quietly released from the gaps in each other's works, and the products of the elegant spirit are displayed in the real space. When they are presented together, they will not overwhelm the host, connecting art and life.

Photographed at Francis Gallery by Rich Stapleton Art Director by Benjamin Grillon Styled by Ali and Aniko

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