ANEST COLLECTIVE SS2021 Women’s Collection is created by Brendan Mullane, the Contributing Creative Director. “It’s a form of femininity that I really like – to be so confident in yourself that you take masculinity and layer yourself in it. There is a strictness to these clothes, a rigid framework that allows them to be so much more,” Mullane explained his design inspiration. In Jack Davison's photographic works, these diverse possibilities are revealed in a hazy and subtle theatrical atmosphere, wandering between virtual and real light and shadow.

The wind of the new season is blowing Flow, continuity, drape, and folds are constantly changing

Variations on soft colors In the overlapping of light and dark, it brushes the warm and shiny texture

There is a subtle frisson hidden within. Under the folds, it follows the trace of the wind.

Like a cloud. Featherlight and soothing, it evokes an elegant tranquility.

ANEST COLLECTIVE Like a gentle breeze. Wandering freely in the endless summer.

Photographer: Jack Davison Set Designer: Rachel Thomas Stylist: Brian Molloy Composer: John Roberts Art Direction: Ohlman Consorti